Painting Trip 04/18/21

 My painting trip on sunday April 18 of 2021

Got woke up by a paw on my face, miss Tippy "my Chihuahua" says its sunday and time for McDonald's. After McDonald's we headed on a short photo trip when i found this olx bridge, Stracener Bridge, Horton, AL 35980 I just had to paint it. 

Stracener Bridge

How do i get down there, jump!!!!!

K Rose, The photographer!!

The brush jar

Louie scouting the area

Good help, Sugar and Tippy

My sidekick Louie

The bridge

Jg The Painter

My paint bag

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  1. Awwwww!! Love this & the photos you chose. I had a wonderful time on a beautiful spring day in Alabama💕